what’s the movie/show/book you love but recognise it’s probably not ~high culture~ or smth but that makes you love it all the more

I was raised on 1950 monster movies so I like The Blob (1959 version) and Them! Also, I really love the movie Eight Legged Freaks. It pays homage to those films and I find it funny.




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Unexpected - Chapter 20

New chapter - a modern, very AU S/T story with Sybil as the older woman who catches the eye of a young Irish journalist in London.

Keeping the STEAMMy feels going!  Tom has a surprise for Sybil with help from her sisters (rated M).


After a quick shower, Sybil shivered into her clothes and followed Tom downstairs to the front door of the Angel Inn. A black four wheel drive was waiting in the driveway, door open to welcome them inside.

He took her hand. “Come on – time to go!”

She nodded and got into the back seat. A blonde woman in the front turned around, with a grin far too wide for the early hour, and handed her a cup of hot chocolate.

"Hello! I’m Ivy. Are you all set for…"

Tom interrupted her. “For your surprise?” He flashed a look at Ivy, who winked.

Sybil sipped her hot chocolate, wrapping her hands around the cup for warmth as the car sped out into the countryside of the South Downs. It didn’t take long until they were pulling up in what looked like the middle of a field. For a minute, she couldn’t see anything in the pre-dawn light. Then, as her eyes adjusted, she saw something she wasn’t expecting…


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Author’s note -

Dedicating this update to a lovely friend and fellow author, mimijag, who just celebrated her birthday. Bonne anniversaire, Mimi!

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saturdayinthetardis asked:

Once you get this you have to say 5 things you like about yourself, publicly, then send this to ten of your favourite followers (Non-Negotiable)

1. I like that I’m sarcastic.
2. My brown hair is awesome.
3. I love the fact that even though I’m still writing my thesis (which is almost done), that I already am mentally planning another paper and mapping out my fanfics. By the way, I love my plans for In Her Best Interests.
4.I like my wickerd sense of humor.
5. I like that I’m becoming more politcally and socially aware as I get older rather than becoming less aware.