O’Brien now works with The Bransons. She confesses to Sybil how she caused Cora’s miscarriage.


"So, now you know. How is this going to work?"

"There’s no real simple answer to that. I won’t lie to you and tell you it’ll be easy. Because it won’t be. Just because you’ve decided to change doesn’t mean the world’s ready for you to. Truth is, no matter how much you suffer, no matter how many good deeds you do to try to make up for the past, you may never balance out the cosmic scale. The only thing I can promise you is that you’ll probably be haunted, and maybe for the rest of your life."


Piggy banks

  • Mom: he doesn't really need two piggy banks.
  • Me: one of them isn't really a piggy bank, but the piggy bank toy from toy story
  • Mom: well he doesn't need a pink piggy bank.
  • Me: why
  • Mom: because its pink
  • Me: and?
  • Mom: well hes a boy
  • Me: arent pigs naturally a pink color? Or are boy pigs a blue color?
  • Mom: you know what I mean, dont be like that!
  • Me: I'm just confused why everyone is so concerned about a boy having pink things
  • Mom: because pink things are for girls
  • Me: omg mom you're wearing a color other than pink, you must not be a girl!
  • Mom: ...I'm done with this conversation.
  • Me: wait mom I'm not wearing pink, are you ashamed to call me your daughter? Come back! I want to discuss this more!


Previously in the stripper!Tom AU verse (Hunka, Hunka, Burnin’ Love”)

"I never did private parties," Tom told her when she had finished.

Sybil’s eyes widened. “W-w-what?”

He chuckled and stroked her cheek. “As far as strippers go, love, I’m rather ‘boring’; I mean, until the night I danced for you, I had never done a lap dance, or danced for a group of ladies in a private setting.”

Sybil’s arms tightened around his waist. “Is it wrong of me to be glad about that?”

He laughed and kissed her, and soon she found herself giggling too. As open-minded as she tried to be, she couldn’t help being a little possessive.

"Although," he murmured after a while. "The idea is a little sexy…"


"Well think about it," he continued. "Showing up in some uniform, like a copper…taking you by the hand and leading you someplace to do a ‘strip search’, maybe be ‘forced’ to use the handcuffs—"

She swatted his chest, though the images he was painting in her mind were causing her heart to quicken and her body to hum.

That was just before Sybil’s birthday.  Now, months later, it’s Tom’s birthday…and you know what they say; turnabout is Fair Play

part of the “stripper!Tom universe”